Frequently Asked Questions

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Why are there no prices on the webiste?

Because our prices are ALL-IN, we can not put prices on articles. We are dependent on how many pieces you apply and how much color your logo exists. You will see on our website always the starting price of a product. You can always request a quote from us, which we try to answer as soon as possible.

Why would I choose Hidalgo?

Specialization is not something you sudden have. Our company was established in 1993 and we are still learning every day. We specialize in bags, towels, bottles and shakers. These three productgroups we produce ourselves and we work together with specialized and exclusive parties. We give you gladly free advice about our products and think along with you. See also our other websites.

We look forward to have contact with you. Tell us what you need and we are glady to help. We will ask many questions so you get the product you want and need. Happily, we see our customers return to us because of the personal approach. We are happy to meet you, call us at (+31) 79 3310133 or send an E-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Our goal is to act quickly and that we succeed in this, is what we hear back from our customers. Treat a quote request, we immediately will contact you if we have questions . We will try as soon as possible to make an example of your logo. Items that are in stock will be shipped the same day. In terms of delivery times and deadlines we and our own presser are a lot accustomed. We like to be challenged so let us know what your wishes are.

Everything starts with an idea that you have, but we like to think along with you. We have graphic designers who are able to make the idea visually but also to give you nice alternatives in order to make the product even more beautiful. We see if the sizes are correct, what the best position for your logo is and much more. Think of something and then subsequently produce is the best there is for us. That allows us to differentiate ourselves.

In the past few years, much has changed with the quality. Think of materials no longer allowed to be environmentally damaging, plastic materials to meet the food and commodities law or labor ethos in factories in the Far East. Hidalgo meets all these demands and we control the entire production process itself.

ALL-IN Prices
We love clarity. We see too many other companies which prices subsequently increased with printing costs, mold costs, set up fees, shipping or administration costs. We think it is important that you even know what something costs. All our prices are therefore ALL-IN, VAT excluded.

Can I recieve a sample?

Yes! We only ask you to pay the invoice price for postage. If you are satisfied with the product and would like to place an order, we will credit the shipping costs of the sample to the total price.

What is your workprocess?

After we have received your application, we will contact you and we ask for your logo. If you have send us your logo already, we can more quickly process the request. For delivery condition, see "How should I submit my logo?"

We have graphic designers who create a visualization with your logo on the goods claimed. Are you enthusiastic and you would like ordering the application, we will make an order confirmation and a Digitalproof. The proof shows the product with your logo and information of the product and the logo. Only after agreement on the proof we will place your order.

How quickly do you deliver?

Delivery times are different for each item. The delivery time of bottles is eight days. Shakers have a delivery time of 6 to 8 weeks. Do you need a specific delivery date, please let us know. There are many possibilities.

How should I submit my logo?

To help you as much as possible, please send us your logo. We need your logo, so that our graphic designers can make examples, proofs and in case of an order we can work even faster. Naturally, we are extremely careful with your logo. There are different file types for a logo that you can send us. Because we often get questions about the several files we have them listed here for you.

Please send us one of the following files:

EPS OF AI (Illustrator) file
Our preference goes to an EPS or AI (Illustrator) file. These files are vectors and that means that we can freely increase and reduce the size of the logo without any loss of quality. With an EPS or AI (Illustrator) file you are assured of high-quality printing.

If you do not have EPS or AI file, no problem. Also we can work with the logo in the form of a PDF file. Many designers create a PDF of the logo so that people without a graphical program can see the logo (in contrast to an EPS or AI file). The PDF file consists of vectors and that also means it is possible that we can customize the logo without loss of quality.

The following two file types are mainly used in digital work, not for print. Fortunately, there are solutions if you do not have access to EPS, AI or PDF files of your logo:

A JPG file is composed of pixels and has a white or colored background. Pixels can not be resized without loss of quality and therefor the file can not be easily modified. And that is important to the quality of printing. Fortunately, there are plenty of opportunities this time to be able to work with a JPEG logo provided if it is large enough. If you have your logo is only as JPEG-file, we ask you to send it with a file size of at least 1 MB.

A PNG file exists, like a JPEG, out of pixels and has a transparent background. Here too, pixels can not be resized without loss of quality. Fortunately, there are plenty of opportunities this time to a PNG to work as long as the logo is large enough. If you have only the logo as PNG, we ask you to send it with a file size of at least 1 MB.

We get more (or less) bottles than we ordered, how come?

Because of the printing method and the automation of machines there is always a deviation in the amount up to 10 percent. All extradited bottles must be paid.

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