Lunch boxes

Lunch boxes

Printed lunch boxes or printed lunch boxes are widely used and taken along and are big in the sports and diet world. But lunch boxes are also widely used and popular in office environments or in leisure time. Lunch box printed with logo are very nice gifts and are highly appreciated.

We offer a nice range of Food Containers, Lunch Boxes and Bread Bins. Printing or engraving lunch boxes is possible from a low number. For hot and cold food and dishwasher safe. With our expert advice, we ensure that your logo or design stands out best.

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Reference: EG6728

Salad Bowl

Frosted plastic salad bowl with lid, content approx. 1 litre, with a plastic fork and an extra container for, for example, a dressing, content approx. 50 ml.

Price from €4.39

Reference: CG5728

Bamboo Lunchbox

Spacious plastic lunch box. The lid is made of natural bamboo and closes the lunch box airtight. Includes elastic closing strap. This product does not contain melamine.

Price from €5.45

Reference: CG5725

Bento Lunchbox

Lunch box with perfectly closing lid, has a silicone closing ring and a ventilation opening with silicone cap. Including 3-in-1 fork, spoon and knife. With removable distributor and closelastic. This box is allowed in the refrigerator and can therefore also be used as airtight -kept -keeping box. Sustainable and environmentally friendly. This product...

Price from €5.49

Reference: CGW152

Lunch Box BIO

Lunch box made from 100% post-production recycled PP plastic. The closure elastic is made of 33% upcycled denim and 66% Tencel, a fabric made from natural wood cellulose, and is therefore recyclable. The lunch box is adjustable in height. food safe. Made in Europe. During the production process for making various food-safe kitchen products, there are...

Price from €6.35

Reference: CG5826

Luchbox Bamboo

Lunch box made of high-quality borosilicate glass that can withstand high temperature differences. With a bamboo lid that closes perfectly thanks to the silicone edge at the bottom. This allows the contents to be stored airtight. So also suitable as a fresh-keeping box. Including closing elastic. A sustainable and environmentally friendly product. Only...

Price from €9.25

Reference: CG1370

Brand: Mepal®

Mepal® Food Cup Ellipse (500 + 200ml)

This durable, plastic food cup from the Mepal brand is a handy product to take your lunch or snack with you. The food cup has two compartments. You can separate the two compartments by means of a rotating movement. Both parts have a separate lid. The solution to prevent mess during mixing. The volume of the top transparent compartment is 200 ml. The...

Price from €12.25

Reference: CG1373

Brand: Mepal®

Mepal® Fruit- & Veggiepot Ellipse

Sustainable plastic fruit and veggie pot from the Mepal brand. By using the colander, you can rinse and drain vegetables and fruit on the spot. Includes stainless steel fork. Easy to take with you for a healthy snack. The screw lid also fits on some other snack, lunch and food jars from the Ellipse series. A high quality product. BPA Free, Food Approved...

Price from €12.22

Reference: CG3697

Foodcontainer 500ml

Double-walled, vacuum-insulated stainless steel food container with matte coating and stainless steel leak-proof screw cap. A collapsible spoon is stored in the cap. The food container has a large opening for easy filling and cleaning. Keeps food and drinks warm or cool for a long time. Food Approved and leak proof. Ideal for carrying, for example, hot...

Price from €12.85

Reference: CG1397

Foodcontainer 500ml

Double-walled, vacuum-insulated stainless steel food container. With bamboo screw cap with an opening where the supplied stainless steel spoon can be inserted. The food container has a large opening for easy filling and cleaning. Ideal for carrying, for example, hot drinks, soup or yogurt with fruit. The contents stay warm for up to 8 hours and cool for...

Price from €13.59

Reference: CG1371

Brand: Mepal®

Mepal® Insulate Lunch Cup Ellipse (500 + 200ml)

Stainless steel food cup of the brand Mepal. Durable, double-walled and vacuum insulated. Keeps food hot for up to 10 hours or cold and fresh for 16 hours; ideal for on the go. This food cup is of course 100% leak-proof and is perfect for hot and cold snacks due to its insulating properties. The outside remains dry and cool. With two spacious...

Price from €24.95

Reference: CG1323

Brand: Kambukka®

Kambukka® Bora 600ml Foodcontainer

The Bora will keep your food fresher than fresh and warm for 6 hours from morning to midnight. 100% leak-proof with non-slip bottom and dishwasher safe. The Bora has an air vent to release steam and prevent pressure build-up. Enjoy your meal!

Price from €24.95

Custom lunch boxes

Lunch boxes are very handy items to be printed with your logo. These handy lunch boxes are very nice gifts for customers or colleagues. We offer a wide range of customizable lunch boxes and printed lunch boxes. We offer, for example, the lunch boxes with bamboo lid. These bread bins come in different colors and have a sleek design. In addition to printing the lunch boxes, we can also engrave the lid. For a stylish look.

Or a lunch box with a simpler design. These lunch boxes have colored buttons and clips. This way you can choose the color that best suits your logo and company. These bread bins can be printed in a 1-colour to 5-colour logo on the sides or on the lid.

We also offer organic lunch boxes made from recycled plastic for a sustainable choice. These printed organic lunch boxes are dark grey, which means they work well in most house styles, with most logos and colours. This is a good option for companies that want to make more environmentally responsible choices.

Printing food containers

Food containers are very handy lunch boxes. These containers are often made of stainless steel, which keeps cold food (eg yogurt, or fruit bowls) cold. But hot food (eg soup or pasta) also stays warm for a long time. Printing on these food containers is possible, but some can also be engraved. We offer a food container with a folding spoon. This food container can be printed with a 1-colour to a 5-colour logo. For a chic look, these food containers can be engraved with your logo.

Or our stylish food containers with bamboo screw cap and spoon. These printed food containers are often used for lunch and are therefore often taken on a trip. This food container can also be printed with your logo, but also engraved on the cap.

Printed food containers brand

We work with a number of brands and offer food containers from these brands that can be printed with your company logo. From Kambukka we offer the Bora Food container of 600ml. Printing the Kambukka food containers is possible up to a 5-colour print. This is a food container with a button to let off the stove, so that no pressure builds up.

We offer a number of different food containers from Mepal for printing. We offer 3 variants of the Ellipse line. The Ellipse lunch pot is a food container with 2 compartments. This is useful for, for example, breakfast or lunch with yogurt and fruit or cereal. The Ellipse Fruit and Veggiepot is a lunch pot for salad or fruit salads. It comes with a handy fork. These branded printed food containers are great gifts and give a more luxurious look.

Lunchboxes cutomized for low prices

Printed lunch boxes come in different colors and sizes. Also in different price range. There is a good option for every budget. A good choice is, for example, the salad box with dressing container and fork. This is a lunch box with a good price/quality ratio. This salad box printing is possible on the lid.

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