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  • Kambukka®


    The Belgian brand Kambukka is the Swahili word for 'enjoy, benefit, amuse'. Enjoying, profiting & having fun, now certainly applies to you too.

    Don't worry about spills, leaks, cleaning, hot drinks that need to stay hot and cool drinks that need to stay cool. Just enjoy our extremely convenient and beautiful products.

    That's why 'enjoy' is such a perfect name for us. Join the joyride, be seduced by our deadly effective yet simple designs and relax.

    Soon you will be on your way again, on your way to something new and exciting. Friends, live life to the fullest Kambukka.

  • Mepal®


    Mepal was founded in 1950. From the first years, Mepal has been producing smart plastic consumer products in the field of food and drinks. Products full of small smarts that give you a pleasant user experience every day.

    You can find us anytime and anywhere.

  • Tacx®


    Tacx® is an innovative Dutch company with a great passion for sport and performance. Every department, from purchasing and production to product development and logistics, is driven by this passion. Their goal is simple: to develop innovative, high-quality products that inspire to push boundaries.